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What Makes Us Different

Tangle + Tease Company specializes in our famous scrunchie sets. A scrunchie set is a set of 3 or 4 unique scrunchies; usually including one or two scrunchies, a scrunchie bows, and a scrunchie scarf. Each item is hand picked and customized to cater to YOU! We choose fabrics, patterns, and styles that coordinate with each other to give you a stunning set that is personal and unique. We base each set off of season, holidays, and trends. Each set is limited in quantity to ensure our customers are getting a product that is unique and classic. We make one-of-a-kind sets constantly and sell them on our Instagram (@tangleandteaseco) stories for an even more unique and personal experience. Usually our one-of-a-kind sets go within hours of being on Instagram! We also custom make sets based on your favorite colors and patterns. Usually custom sets are made based off of school colors, or wedding colors, or as a special gift. If you are interested in creating a custom set, contact us through the 'Contact Us' tab.